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October 11, 2012
LRMI Reaches Global Audience at Frankfurt Book Fair

Michael Jay, president of Educational Systemics, presents at the Frankfurt Book Fair discussing the Learning Resourse Metadata Intiative to International publishers. 

If you want to learn more about the LRMI and why having a metadata stratgy for your business is more important than ever, watch the presentation listed below. 

When a critical mass of learning resources is described or “tagged” in a standard, machine-readable manner, everyone benefits.

Michael Jay noted that the LRMI enables:

  • Search tools to find information specific to LRMI filter terms such as subject area, age range, standards alignment, and media type.
  • Companies to create integrated search where an educator can describe a particular lesson and appropriate resources bubble to the top
  • Platforms such as aggregators or portals to integrate catalogs of products
  • Companies to provide rich, machine-readable context to their resources


To view the LRMI presentation from the Frankfurt Book Fair follow this link,

To learn about the LRMI intiative, visit