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March 4, 2013

Austin, TX

Michael Jay to present as a panel member at the SXSWedu Conference March 3rd - 7th in Austin, TX for the panel session "LRMI: Peek under the hood of Personalized Learning."

To listen to the SXSWedu panel audio, click here. (

Panel description
The LRMI is to the Dewey Decimal System as a motorcycle is to a bicycle—designed for a new era to change the very nature of where we can go with instructional resources and how we get there. Platforms and technologies that take advantage of this new tagging standard will drive the future of personalized learning. The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative enables the use of rich, education-specific metadata that not just describes a resource but how it can be used to support learning. You'll learn from those who are evolving this initiative, including both producers and consumers of LRMI metadata, how it connects to big data initiatives like the Shared Learning Collaborative and the Learning Registry, and how it works with other existing and emerging education data standards. Whether you’re an educator, platform developer, or publisher—or you’re like billions of others who search the internet—you’ll benefit from this close-up look at the engine that will drive 21st Century learning.