Facilitating Sustainable Online Communities

Customers are demanding more value, interaction, and involvement. They want to find peers with similar interests, share resources with colleagues, search for examples of different instructional strategies, and discover new features and uses for your products. With Communitech, Educational Systemics creates Web-based sustainable communities for client organizations to support and participate in a conversation with their customers to generate value and increase customer loyalty.

Offerings include:

  • A Web-based community-generating platform for your customers to exchange examples, resources, and lessons.
  • User-centered architecture model customized for a K-12 education audience to allow members to direct how and to what degree they will participate.
  • Immediate and in-depth access to a community of your leading customers, not only as a vendor but also as an equal participant.
  • Tailored implementation of training and support for engaging your staff in the community as well as modeling effective use for community members.

Leading the CommuniTech solution for Educational Systemics is Thor Prichard. Thor's market research, web development, and strategic expertise have helped clients multiply their effectiveness at improving the process and practice of education with emerging Web technologies.




Thor Prichard & Steve Burt
(503) 248-4300