Marketing Strategy, Research, and Case Studies


Educational Systemics has extensive expertise in marketing to the K-12 community including setting marketing strategy, conducting market research, analyzing the implications, and creating customer case studies.  Our unique combination of business acumen and practical understanding of educational organizations enables us to bring insight to solving your marketing problems.

Offerings include:

  • Marketing Strategy - Short or long-term assistance with setting marketing strategy, determining target customers, finding new ways to reach new customers, creating product strategy, and allocating marketing budgets. 
  • Market Research - Focus groups facilitation, in-person interviews, phone interviews, and printed or web surveys resulting in thoughtful analysis that reveals patterns about product usage or institutional effectiveness. 
  • Case Studies - Market research analysis packaged in a succinct, easy-to-understand, professional case study report, presentation, and/or press release.



Michael Jay
(360) 752-2874