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March 5, 2010
NCCE Session examines the implications for ARRA

Take a look at ARRA from the student's perspective


We are all so engrossed in addressing the requirements of NCLB and writing grants and proposals for ARRA related funding that we really haven't had much time to stop and think what this means for our children's school experience. Educational Systemics' president, Michael Jay, and Jill Abbott, SIF COO, look at the implications of ARRA legislation from the learners perspective.

The ARRA Era: Implications for the learner as to how we teach and administer education

ARRA has the potential of shifting emphasis from the institution to the individual learner. This session will discuss the implications of ARRA on the role of the teacher, administrator, assessment, & curriculum and the role technology will play in supporting personalized education and the professional educator.



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