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October 17, 2007
Conference Pathways Launched at NSBA T+L

A unique new way to get the most out of conference attendance

Conference attendance is a huge investment. It's important to ensure you get the most out of any event you attend. To help attendees of education conferences maximize their time and investment Educational Systemics has launched a unique program called Conference Pathways. The first Conference Pathways program will be conducted in conjunction with the NSBA T+L conference October 17-19, 2007 in Nashville, TN.

At T+L Conference Pathways participants will select one of six Pathways and be guided to the right sessions, speakers, and leaders in the strand selected. In addition, the Educational Systemics team will provide professional consultant services to help attendees identify and meet their objectives for the meeting. The Conference Pathways Program will help guide attendees through the conference and ensure they make the most of every moment of the meeting.

This year's T+L Conference is centered on Six Big Ideas that are the leading trends in education technology today. The Conference Pathway Program provides attendees with a guided in-depth look of the Big Idea of your choosing -- Professional Development, One-to-one Initiatives, Tools for the Classroom, 21st Century Skills, Using Data to Improve Student Achievement, and Open Source Initiatives. Each one of the Six Big Ideas will begin with a thought provoking Keynote Breakfast Speaker and will continue throughout the conference with popular expert seminars, district led workshops, hands on sessions, in-depth mini-academies, and plenty of networking opportunities.

The six Conference Pathways are open to all attendees, first-time and well-seasoned alike. Participation is limited to 15 people per Pathway. Each Pathway matches one of the six "big ideas" of the conference, and participants will receive preferred seating at the keynote presentations associated with their Pathway. Both pre- and post-conference web communities will be available for each strand, so conversations started at the conference can continue throughout the year and participants can receive advice and feedback as they put into practice what they've learned.

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