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March 10, 2011
Education Reform…This time it’s personal! Talk presented at Follett User Conferenc

During the 2011 Follett Software User Conference Michael Jay gave a presentation that discussed how the vision shift from "No Child Left Behind" to "Every Child Helped Ahead" has changed the way we measure student success. He discussed how we are moving from from clocking seat time in the classroom to evaluating real competency and skills mastery. His presentation also covered how educational technology supports this shift by enabling a student-centered approach to education that engages learners in a personal and individual way, while leveraging and re-energizing the value and role of teachers. His session reviewed the essential elements needed to support a personalized learning approach in K-12 elementary, middle and high schools. Participants gained exposure to new educational approaches that challenge assumptions about age banding, grading, curriculum sequencing, goal setting and measurement in the development of highly engaged, career- and college-ready students.