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January 14, 2014
Education Table Talk (ETT) January 14th at 11:00am PT!

Presented by MCH Strategic Data and Delivered by Educational Systemics

Hot Topics Dished Up Fresh


Join us each month as Michael Jay leads a lively discussion in a set of engaging segments exploring some of the most controversial topics presented in the education industry. Ed Table Talk (ETT) is a collaborative venture by MCH Strategic Data and Educational Systemics, Inc.


January brings us Making Assessment Actionable: Don't just tell us they're doing poorly, help us do something about it!


With the advent of NCLB, rise of the Common Core, and a focus on quantifying learning, assessment is doing hand-to-hand combat with learning for the educational steering wheel. Schools are under a lot of pressure, students feel stressed to earn high grades, and teachers are faced with increased accountability for student learning. Michael Jay and guests will delve into how data can and is utilized by teachers, students, administrators and learning systems for learning and teaching. 

Education Table Talk will tackle the big questions like how do we change community expectations about what makes for good evidence in learning? And how do we improve educational legislation to employ a systemic model to educational improvement?

Listen to Ed Table Talk to stay up to date on upcoming conferences and education news. Each show our guests make a special donation to a project of their choice on the Donor’s Choose website! 2014 will feature new and exciting segments as well as listener favorites like “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” where listeners vote on which of three rumors is actually true!

The mission is to provide a forum where we can lay issues critical to education on the table and engage in unreserved dialogue. We invite anyone to listen in to our discussion and add his or her two cents prior to, during, and following the show. ETT's format is intended to explore various aspects of a topic and stimulate awareness that then leads to more informed discussion among those involved in Pre-K and K-12 education.



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