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May 2, 2007
SIFA celebrates a decade of leadership and vision in K-12

Educational Systemics recognizes a decade of dedication and leadership by the Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA) and its members. Through volunteer collaboration between market competitors and the insight of visionary educators, SIFA has developed an open standard for applications to exchange data by which all vendors and educational institutions can benefit and grow. Most importantly, the ability to provide quality information in a timely manner to educators, administrators, parents, and students is key to making strides in addressing the needs of all learners. From early successes in exchanging administrative data to an ever-expanding set of teaching and instruction objects, SIFA continues to provide new technical specifications and infrastructure to address the needs of schools world wide.

Educational Systemics is proud to have contributed to the leadership, research, and development of SIFA for over 9 years. We invite those of you who are not yet active members to join SIFA at the start of its second decade. Together, we can ensure K-12 education has the very best infrastructure to support learners in making the most of their talents while creating robust opportunities for organizations that serve this market. For more information, visit SIFA.