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August 14, 2012
Learning in the Age of Information Overload!

Michael Jay comments on the LRMI project

The LRMI initiative is one of the first industry-specific extensions to an effort by Bing, Google, Yahoo!, and Yandex to standardize the way educational content is marked up, or tagged, on the web.

Michael Jay, President of Educational Systemics, reflects on this transition in search below.

Do you recall much of your education? It was almost certainly all about recall. Today, our children’s lives revolve around finding resources and making connections, as does their future work. The days of handing learners and educators THE resource are fading. Instead, we need to help them find the best resources to address their particular needs. LRMI is about providing the hooks that facilitate informed finding and sorting of learning resources so that all children have access to the resources that are best for them and educators can respond to learners’ individual needs. In this way we help develop lifelong learners who build knowledge that is relevant to them.”

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